K-TAG KTM100 V2.13 Firmware 7.003 new add EDC17 ECUs

The newly launched KTAG V2.13 KTM100 Firmware V7.003 ECU programmer adds some vehicle model EDC17 ECUs, please check below:
EDC17C41   TC1797
EDC17CP45  TC1797
EDC17C50   TC1797
EDC17C56   TC1797
EDC17CP49  TC1797
MEVD172G  TC1797
MEDV1725   TC1797
EDC17C46   TC1797
EDC17C44   TC1797
MED17.1.6   TC1797
MED17.5.21  TC1782
MED17.5.5   TC1767
ME17.5.24   TC1724
MED17.1.1   TC1797
EDC17CP48  TC1797
MED17.8.31   TC1797
EDC17C59   TC1767
Mercedes Benz
EDC17C46    TC1797
MED17.7.2    TC1797
EDC17CP57   TC1793
EDC17C66    TC1793
EDC17C10    TC1797
MED17.3.4    TC1797
ME17.8.3      TC1797

ME17.9.20     TC1782

Most concerned question about new firmware 7.003 K-tag ECU tuning kit:
Q: Are you new Ktag really do EDC17?
A: Yes, definitely. Our K-TAG FW6.070 and KTAG 7.003 both can do EDC17. See above part of the EDC17 list.
Q: V7 K-tag can program ECU via Tricore?
A: Yes, our Ktag KTM100 software video is the test result of the VAG Bosch EDC17U01 TC1766 via Tricore.
Q: Does K-tag 7.003 cover BMW F-series?
A: Yes, you are able to check the vehicle list here.
K-tag KTM100 V2.13 vehicle list
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