KESS V2 2.13 firmware 4.036 “No valid token file” (fixed)

KESS V2 Master ECU tuning kit software V2.13 firmware V4.036 “No valid token file” problem & solution is provided here.


KESS V2 V2.13 firmware V4.036 has only 9 tokens left. When try to reset token follow the video instruction, he stopped at ecu_tuner v2.4 procedure and the software displays error message:

“No valid token file” (error screenshots)



Possible reason:

Did not follow the video guide to rename the token files.


First of all, check following:

Did you change a new TF card and format the TF card

Did you connect KESS v2 ecu tuning kit & TF card well

If not, then do it.

Follow the connection diagram to connect kess v2 TF card and laptop


Then follow video to go to this step.

Rename the token file. Follow these steps:

Rename “token47.tok” to “token48.tok”


Then copy “token48.tok” to “tokens” folder


There should be only ONE token.tok file on “tokens” folder



If you fail to rename “token2.tok to token10.tok”, then start from token11.tok, token12.tok, token13.tok…till token100.tok

The maximum is token100.tok. Then you should change another laptop, re-install system to reset tokens from token10.tok

Free download Kess V2 4.036 token reset video, and

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