KESS V2 Truck version fw V4.024 sw V2.08/ V2.22 Master Multilanguage

Jan.15, 2016 update – Multilanguage KESS V2 Truck version fw V4.024 sw V2.08/ V2.22 Master ECU programmer is verified working fine, KESS V2 fw V4.024 is the first version which can read write ECU data for a number of trucks.

KESS V2 Truck version fw V4.024 is available for $80.99 + shipping at:

Software version:

Both V2.08 and V2.22 are available.

Software V2.08: software V2.08 works more stably and cover more truck models, besides it allows to connect to internet when running.

Software V2.22:

When the user use software V2.22, the network connection has to be disabled otherwise the machine is easy to be killed.

kess v2 4.024 truk version


kess-v2-truk-version-model-display-1 kess-v2-truk-version-model-display-2 (1)

Firmware version:

FW V4.024, compared with other version, firmware V4.024 is more stable and works on more trucks.

Master Version: easy to use


KESS V2 V4.024 is packed with 30 tokens, reset tokens is not possible when used up, the user is supposed to change the NXP chip (Item No. SO242-C) to get another 30 tokens, no need J-LINK. This chip is pre-refreshed before shipped to the user, the user just directly use it.

If the user buy NXP chip together with KESS V2 Truck version, the price is $10 free shipping, if buy alone, the price is $12.99 free shipping.

Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French

Vehicle Coverage:

KESS V2 Truck version V4.024, KESS V3.099 and KESS V4.036 comparison table as follows:

Left line:  Firmware V3.009 vehicle coverage

Middle line: Newest Firmware V4.036 vehicle coverage

Right line: Firmware V4.024 vehicle coverage

Note: KESS V4.036 works with more car models than KESS V2 V4.024; KESS V2 V4.024 works with more truck models.

Can’t see it?Download the picture:


kess-v2-truck-V4.024-vs-kess-v3.099-vs-kess-v4.036 kess-v2-truk-version-package

Kess V2 Master Truck V2.08/V2.22 Firmware V4.024 ECU Programmer Plus CPU NXP Fix Chip:

V2.08 V2.22 Kess V2 Firmware V4.024 Truck Master ECU Programmer Plus CPU NXP Fix Chip

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