Ktag V2.13 FW6.070 & KESS V2 2.13 FW4.036 ECU tuning

K-tag 2.13 firmware 6.070 and KESS V2 v2.13 firmware 4.036 ECU programming tool with FREE ECM TITANIUM V1.61 Software bundle package is available in eobdtool.co.uk which saves you 15 euro.


NOTE: These versions Ktag and KESS are the most respected version.


Item KTAG Ksuite ECU tuning KESS V2 ECU programmer
Item No SE80-C SE87-C
Version Software V2.13
Hardware 6.070
Software V2.13
Hardware V4.036
Update By CD By firmware
Tokens No token limitation No token limitation
Operating system Win XP Win XP
Language English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French
Function read and write the Data of ECU read and write the Data of ECU
Vehicle coverage World-wide famous brand cars, trucks, boat, tractor, motorcycles and bikes World-wide famous brand cars
Truck YES NO
Motorcycle YES (partly) YES (partly)
Via OBD or BDM Via BDM Via OBD
Difference KTAG and KESS V2 share the same software, but KESS V2 has OBD function (means KESS V2 program ECU by OBD diagnostic cable) while KTAG doesn’t have.


Package comes with Free ECM TITANIUM software with V1.61 drivers send by CD


Kess v2 V2.13 vehicle list


KESS V2.13 Firmware V4.036 PCB board:


KTAG v2.13 vehicle list


K-TAG V2.13 Firmware 6.070 PCB board


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