Newest Carprog Full V7.28 update and EEPROM reading

Carprog Full has recently launched the newest V7.28 (with all software activated and all 21items Adapters). So, there come with a question — How to update your Carprog Full to the newest V7.28.


Update Tips:
Please make an order of V7.28 Carprog software on obd tool. Our after-sale service will send the software (approximately 60MB) directly by e-mail online. Then users just need to install the software to run an upgrade.

With Carprog software, you can have EEPROM read out and rewrite new one when a vehicle’s EEPROM damaged or fail to work. Here show you how to read an EEPROM with it.

  1. Connect the Carprog and open the program, update first (this can be finished via update instructions above).
    2. Choose the EEPROM tab and follow the imagine directions.

Notice on EEPROM read and write:

  1. Inspect the EEPROM that needs to be read (numbers can be correctly identified and connect the EEPROM to the clip)
    2. Search for the correct data sheets for the EEPROM, better familiar with EEPROM type.

Beside, here shares with you 2 methods to read to read an EEPROM:

  1. The EEPROM can be read on the PCB (printer circuit board), such as the 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 83C86 and 95080.
    2. If the EEPROM cannot be read, an oscillator may be used to help.

V7.28 Carprog Full with 21 Adapters:

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