Original Wellon VP598 Universal Programmer only 199EUR all details here

Original Wellon VP598 Universal Programmer –inherits VP390 programmer features and newly adds more features/function- is newly authorized to sell on eobdtool.co.uk for only 199EUR + shipping cost worldwide.

Original Wellon VP598 features in reliable, high-speed, high performance and low cost, it is integrated menu-driven interface that supports 10 languages. It is verified working on Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7/8/10 (32bit and 64bit). It is very convenient to load, edit and save files. Wellon VP598 covers thousand kinds of programmable devices e.g. PLD、E(E)PROM、FLASH、MCU made by dozens of manufactures. It can test standard logic devices and memory e.g. TTL & CMOS. Original Wellon VP598 is applied to electronic products development, batch burning chips, mobile phones, computers, car maintenance, etc.

Wellon VP598 programmer outlook overview:

The shipping package contains Wellon Programmer VP-598, USB cable, VP-598 Manual and power adapter, dimension: 168×98×23mm, and weights only 265g.

Wellon VP598 programmer hardware features:

Electrical spec. of the AC adapter: AC input 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz, DC output 9V/0.6A

48 Pin ZIF socket with Popular pin-drivers.

Support 1.5v Low voltage devices

Not need exterior adapter for mostly devices.

Universal DIP, PLCC, QFP, TSOP, PSOP, SOIC, SSOP, SDIP adapters

Wellon VP598 programmer communication:

Interface with LAPTOP, PC or compatibles through USB port

Wellon VP598 programmer software features:

Accepts standard file formats: JEDEC, INTEL (Extended) HEX, HOLTEK, EMC(.CDS), INTEL HEX16, Motorola S record

Test TTL/CMOS logic ICs and Dynamic/Static Random Access Memory devices

Optimum programming for each individual device

Automaticly Identifies the manufacturer and type of E(E)PROMs, Auto identifies TTL/CMOS logic IC

Device insertion and poor-pin-contact check

Auto-run mode starts programming automatically upon detection of chip insertion

Features Test Vector capability and multiarray fuse map editor

Wellon VP598 programmer is 10 languages available:

English, Korean, Poland, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish and Hungary, Chinese (Simplified),Chinese(Traditional)

Original Wellon VP598 programmer workable programmable devices details:

Microcontroller: Atmel, Intel, Microchip, Signetics, Zilog, etc.

Detailed list at official site: http://www.weilei.com/VP598list.htm


TTL (74 series), CMOS (40/45 series) Logic IC
DRAM SRAM memory device

Original Wellon VP598 update:

For newest software, please browse official site http://www.weilei.com/ to update.

Original Wellon VP598 warranty:

15 day moneyback guaranty

One year warranty

7 steps to use Original Wellon VP598:

1.Connect the programmer module to the computer’s USB port. Then connect the AC power or AC adapter to the programmer’s power jack for the parallel port programmer.

wellon vp598

2.Running Wellon VP598 programmer software

Running Wellon VP598 programmer software

3.Firstly select the type of device, then the correct manufacturer and device name. Then choose OK button


4.Load file

Load file-04

5.Edit buffer

6.Device insertion

Device insertion-06