Review on Winols and Titanium calculate checksum

Some ECU tunners feedback clone Kess V2 4.036 problem is when car have update at service, checksum also updated, neither crack ols not clone tool can calculate it, edc17 and med 17 checksum is big issue

Is there a way around that? How to get the checksums right?

ktag error

Optional Solutions:

  1. Use Winols or Titanium to calculate checksum.
  2. Use a replacement file to fix the checksum error

Details: Optional Solution 1

Most users feedback Winols and Titanium can calculate Checksum, details as follows:

1) rare case when winols don’t calculate checksum use titanium…if ECU has driver, open original, then the mod, and re-save the mod file…

2) I also use winols for that job, never would trust a hw tool

3) Ohh yes you can. Except edc15 and older I always let tool do the checksum and never had issues

4) I have seen at least 3 different types of EDC17 2010-2011 where Winols Fu&@ the checksum. Just use the tool sw for this. Never had any issues with X17.

Question: but what do you do if tool does it do not correct?

ECU blocked :/

If you have luck it won’t write, but often it writes and then ecu is blocked :/

Answer: Every single EDC16/17 done always with tool cheksuming. Proper tool with right software / Dedicated laptop only for flashing and no fear

Details: Optional Solution 2

If you have problem with checksum when R/W only flash, your OS don’t have C++ library. Two way:
– download C++ libarary from net -> instal it
– download from alientech website ksiute 1.85 -> install it, it will install C++ automatically -> remove dir C:KSiute -> Replace it with KSiute dir which You get from Your clone supplier -> restart WIN -> be happy with Your master ktag.

Solution tested and works on 3 computers.



  • Some users said you must install c++ library 2005,2008, 2010.
  • c++2005 and net framework 2.0 then worked for my friend.
  • Someone test okay, while someone failed, usually it depends on your computer configuration or operation system, and maybe it’s issue of the ECU program. Usually, the user who use windows XP have little problem by using above- mentioned solution.

Ghost Windows Xp Pro Sp3 free download and user guide:

This is from OBD2 Diagnostic Tool website technical support: Review on Winols and Titanium calculate checksum

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