How to Read Ford/JLR SID208 ECU Data with GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD and SM2?

godiag ecu adapter and sm2 pro read ford jlr sid208 1

How to read Ford/JLR SID208 ECU easily? It’s good to use GODIAG ECU GPT Boot Adapter, SM2 Pro J2534 device, Godiag GT100+ OBDII Breakout Box, and PCMTuner Dongle with pcmflash software together.   The main function of Godiag GT100+ here is to check communication. Step 1: Read Password (via Continue Reading →

How to Diagnose Hyundai/KIA M7.9.8 ECU with Autel MK808Z-BT and Godiag GT100+?

autel mk808z bt diagnose m7.9.8 ecu with godiag gt100 1

GODIAG GT100+ OBDII Breakout Box works well with Autel MK808Z-BT diagnostic scanner to diagnose ECUs on bench no issues. It can check whether the diagnostic tool can send communication signals, tell if the car/ECU module, and cable communication is good or not, directly display the Voltage and Cu Continue Reading →