CG100X PRO Adapter V2 User Guide

CG Technology released new CG100X PRO Adapter V2 to replace the old PRO Adapter V1, and the PRO V1 will have limited functionality after one month. For the customers who bought CGDI CG100X Programmer with V1, you’d better change it to V2.

cg100x pro v1 replace to pro v2 guide 1

How to operate?

CG100X PRO V2 is available at Purchase it by the following link ASAP.

Price: €29 with free shipping


When do you need CG100X PRO V2?

It depends on what function and what car model you want to do.

You can select the function and the corresponding car model to check if there is Pro Adaptation line on the instruction. If yes, that means you need the PRO V2 harness to work with.

cg100x pro v1 replace to pro v2 guide 2


How to connect PRO Adapter V2 and CGDI CG100X?

The wiring diagram can be checked in the CG100X software.

Connect the OBD interface of PRO V2 harness to CG100X, and connect the cables of PRO V2 to the airbag/BCM… according to the corresponding wiring diagram

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