FGtech Galletto V54 VS Galletto V53 Which better?

This message is to Every one that have a FGtech Galletto. Or want to Buy a new one:
I have inspecting the FGtech Galletto V53 and the Galletto V54, and after a long time, for my Surprise, I reached a conclusion, For some of you must be a desilusion for others are good news.


So, if you have a galletto V53 do not Buy the new one V54, because the only diference is the software, that does not come with Virus and trojans. 

Advise to every one that have galetto V53:You computer is full of virus and trojans, if you do not believe, Just try to run a best antivirus you have, and even with the best antivirus, the virus does not come out of the computer, You must format it.

Think since you buy galletto V53 if you had problems reading and writing ECU´s. Think if you have that problem with Galletto v52.

Think about other problems you have in Galletto PC when you insert a pen to copy something to another computer.

For sure you have a lot of problems coming when you installed the new version of Galletto V53.

The solution To have a Galletto V53 working like a Galletto 4 V54, is to have a good Software.

Nothing More.

Some one Make a compilation of the Software for Galletto V53 to give so many Problems,that People have to buy the next version V54.
and they are selling it for 600 USD. and in Europe some shops are selling it for 600 and 700.

Once more: Find a good sofware, and you will have a fgtech galletto 4 V54.

Hoppe this help a lot of people. Because many People need to Work and can not work with galletto V53, and have to Buy the V54 when some of them do not even have money to eat a good meal at the end of the day. 

Some one prove to me that I am not correct!!!

If some one have a clone with this software, then I believe you have a new Version of Galletto with new ECU drivers: If not you are are being scammed. 

Here is Also the board of the fgtech galletto 4 V54 Version For the ones that have a good V53 Clone to compare the most smal component. then is just comparing the software. Good Luk to all.




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