FGtech V54 read and write SF10Fxx (K-Line) via Tircore Boot Mode

I have tested some other models:

EDC16U1 (VAG) Read/Write ok (OBD)
EDC15V (VAG) Read/Write ok (OBD)
E70 3.0D EDC16 (BDM)
Renault Delphi 2007 k-line

I use FGtech V54 want to read and write SF10Fxx (K-Line) via Tircore Boot Mode, and success, now, I share the process for how to do it.

1. Connection, and install software


2. After well install and connect FgTech galletto master v54, come to software main program, select vehicle and engine type

3. Select “Read” and then “Write”, well, it is quite easy


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