Free Download K-TAG Ksuite V2.11 and installation Guide

Following are the free K-TAG K-suite V2.11 software free download and installation instructions.

Software version: V2.11
Firmware version: V6.070
Multi-Language: English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Operating system: Win XP and Win 7

K-TAG ECU programming tool V2.11 firmware V6.070 software free download

K-TAG ECU Programming Tool V2.11 FW V6.070 Free Download
How to install KTAG Ksuite V2.11 software installation instruction:
Video instruction:

Pre-install caution:
Disable both wireless network connection and local area connection; otherwise the device will be damaged.


1.WinRAR Setup
Open “wrar362″ zip file (locates on My Computer >> K-TAG 2.11 (E) );
Choose “Select all”;
Click “OK”;


2. Install K-Suite driver software
This part can be easily done with system prompts.
Then you can find K-Suite icon on the desk;
Right click “K-Suite” to select “Properties”


Click “Find Target”;
Delete KSuite file (locates on Local Disk C:\ )


Extract “KSuite” zip file (on KTAG 2.11 (E) ) to Disk C;
Then install New Hardware Wizard;

Right click “My Computer” >> “Manage” >> “Device Manager” >> “Universal Serial Bus controllers” >> “Dataloader” to make sure good connection with K-TAG ECU programming tool.


Open “K-Suite” on the desktop;


Click vehicle icon;
Accept warning notice by click on “OK” button;
Select the plug-in you need;


Click OK
Click “Read” to start to read ECU;


Check the K-TAG Master ECU programmer indicators, both green and red indicator light should flash.


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