Free Download K-TAG K-suite V1.89, V2.06 and V2.10 software

The software and firmware version of K-TAG KTAG ECU programmer has been frequently discussed.


1. Computer system: Windows XP (SP2 is better)
2. Disable any anti-virus software before install K-TAG software.
3. Check in K-suite help folder C:KSuite 2.06Help. The help files must be the same language as the language you selected when you installed K-suite. For example, if the help files are in German but you select English when installed, the help files will not show when select a specific ECU type. Change language to German Help files will show or copy to folder C:KSuite 2.06Help all of help files from DVD.

How to unlock K-TAG tokens limits or reflash the CPU chip?

Download the tutorial instruction here

III. Clone K-TAG K-suite V1.89, V2.06, V2.10, which is better?

According to K-TAG users and OBDToolShop engineers’ tested result, K-TAG V1.89 with firmware 5.001 works 100%.

V2.06 works pretty well on an EDC17C41 but fail to test on some EDC17.

And K-TAG V2.10 is newest clone and support many protocols (F -series BMW etc) more than 2.06. K-tag k-suite V2.10 adds warning, notice, recommendation, instruction, pinout, etc.

K-TAG engineers have successfully tested K-TAG V2.10 on EDC 17 BMW, EDC17 DURAMAX, EDC17 FAL, EDC17 FORD, EDC17 DEUTZ, DDE8 BMW MINI etc. Here is the free instructions guide.

Detail K-suite list, please check OBD TOOL webpage.

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