Kess Ktag 2.11 SD card files & KSuite v2.11 download on Mega

Free download working Kess v2 & Ktag SD card files & KSuite 2.11 software for your ECU programming…also ksuite 2.11 how-to-install guides here…


Kess/ ktag v2.11download on Mega:

Kess 2.11 SD card Files

Ktag 2.11 SD card Files

Ksuite 2.11.exe


Compatible with:

Kess v2 firmware V3.099, ksuite software V2.28

Ktag firmware V6.070, ksuite software V2.11

(note: there are many versions of china kess v2 and ktag ecu programmers from different factories; please do make sure yours is the same with tools above before update the software to v2.11)


How to install Kess 2.11:

Please disable local area connection and wireless network connection before installing software. Otherwise, the software would no work properly.

1) Install K-suite driver software
Open K Suite-2.11 software CD
Unzip Ksuite zip. Patch to desktop

Open KSuite.exe setup on the folder
Click Next and then click Install the setup wizard
Click Yes to accept the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 notice
Select software language, press OK

Click Next
Click Next Read Me file
Click Next to start install driver
Click Finish when complete install the Driver

Select KESS V2 software language
Click Ok to accept the system “Connection not established” message
Right click “K-Suite” on the desktop, click “properties”>> “Find Target”>> “help” and delete it
Paste to copy the folder “help” from E:\ to C:\


2) Connect KESS V2

Connect the KESS V2 ECU programmer with vehicle and wait the system to find the hardware driver and install it

Click My Computer>>Manager>> Device Manager>> Universal Serial Bus controllers >> USB device to check and make sure there is good communication between KESS and computer.

3) Run KESS V2 KSuite V2.11 software

Open K-Suite on the desktop

It will automatically search software update online, firmware update online…read device info…Updating device…
Click vehicle icon
Select certain vehicle model, like BWM E90, press OK
Accept warning notice by click OK
Select vehicle protocol: KLINE or CAN
Select ID
Click OK to accept warning
Switch on the dashboard, check the connections and press OK to continue
Turn ignition OFF
Click Ok to confirm software and firmware information
Create a new txt file “e90” on folder

4) Read ECU with KESS V2

Turn ignition OFF
Select Reading
Turn ignition ON
Accept system notice to start reading the ECU
Turn ignition OFF
Follow the system prompts, until read ECU procedure is processing
Save the ECU reading result to “e90 txt”
Turn ignition OFF
Reading ECU completed

5) Program ECU with kess v2

Back to main program, click Help
Select Standard OBD cable, press View to check which cable you are going to connect with kess v2.
Select correct ECU type, like: Bosch EDC17 ECUs
Read the instruction carefully and follow the instruction to program ECU.


Note: to get newer kess,KESS V2 fw: v4.036 Ksuite 2.11 update service… Here you go.



How to install Ktag v2.11:

Pre-install caution:
Disable both wireless network connection and local area connection; otherwise the device will be damaged.


1.WinRAR Setup
Open “wrar362″ zip file (locates on My Computer >> K-TAG 2.11 (E) );
Choose “Select all”;
Click “OK”;


  1. Install K-Suite driver software
    This part can be easily done with system prompts.
    Then you can find K-Suite icon on the desk;
    Right click “K-Suite” to select “Properties”


Click “Find Target”;
Delete KSuite file (locates on Local Disk C:\ )


Extract “KSuite” zip file (on KTAG 2.11 (E) ) to Disk C;
Then install New Hardware Wizard;

Right click “My Computer” >> “Manage” >> “Device Manager” >> “Universal Serial Bus controllers” >> “Dataloader” to make sure good connection with K-TAG ECU programming tool.


Open “K-Suite” on the desktop;


Click vehicle icon;
Accept warning notice by click on “OK” button;
Select the plug-in you need;


Click OK
Click “Read” to start to read ECU;


Check the KTAG programmer indicators, both green and red indicator light should flash.


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