How to install OEM Orange 5 v1.34 software

This is the instruction on how to install Orange5 v1.34 programming software on Windows XP/7/8.

Free download Orange-5 software:

Operating system:

Windows XP;

Windows 7;

Windows 8.


English and Russian

Workable device:

Clone OEM orange – 5 programmer


Warning will pop up sometimes when install device on some laptops for the first time. Just reconnected the device will be OK.

Orange5 setup:

Open my computer/orange5 (E:)/software, then move “orange5v1.34” to the desktop

Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)

Choose the search and installation options

Please wait while the wizard searches…

The device cannot start, and then click finish to start a troubleshooter that can help you resolve the problem.

Setup computer management (local)->Device Manager->universal serial bus controllers->ORANGES USB

Unplug orange 5 USB cable then replug, you will see the drive is working.

Open Orange programmer CnClab

Select options-hardware, click test

Hardware is ok

Select type: Group-MicroChip; Chip-93C66

Read chip 93C66

Choose 93LC56, 93LC46 and read

Notice: do not choose the wrong chip.

Cancel “Chip not responds at 0000”

Choose 93LC66 and read. Then save them in file named Toyota 1 on the desktop

Click erase

Buffer is EMPTY! Write and read 93LC66

Open Toyota 1

Write and read 93LC66

Choose Buffer-checksum

Choose Tools-pintester, press set

 orange5-v1.34 (1) orange5-v1.34 (2) orange5-v1.34 (3)

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