How to Solve Renolink V1.87 for Renault Cannot Get Interface Error

Renolink V1.87 OBD2 ECU programmer for Renault “Cannot get interface” problem & solution is provided here.



My renolink 1.87 cannot work now. When I use it, an error prompt pops up “Cannot get interface” is shown as the following picture. I don’t know whether there is something wrong with it. Does the color of the board matter? I mean that the red wire matched green board is not compatible with the 1.87 software.

Renolink V1.87

Renolink V1.87

Possible reason:

Did not install the device driver correctly!


The solution:

Please follow the guide below to install step by step.

Renolink V1.87 free download link:

Password: xxv3xl

Size: 217.5 MB

Renault Renolink V1.87 software installation video:

Step 1: Copy Renolink 1.87 software to desktop

Step 2: Unzip “renolink_setup87”

Step 3: Install CDM21218_SETUP_720

Renolink V1.87

Renolink V1.87

Step 4: Install renolink_setup87

Step 5: Right click “RenOLink v1_87”-> Select “Properties”-> “Open file location”

Step 6: Copy “RenOLink” and “renolink.dat” to C disk RenOLink file

Step 7: Send “RenOLink” application from C disk to desktop

Renolink V1.87

Step 8: Delete RenOLink v1_87 shortcut on the desktop

Step 9: Open computer management to set COM&LPT ports

Renolink V1.87

Step 10: Select Bts per second: 115200, and click on “Advanced…” to set the Latency Timer (msec):1

Renolink V1.87

Renolink V1.87

When finish installing the Renolink V1.87 software, then you can run it to do the function you need.


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