How to use BMW AT-200 ECU Programmer

BMW AT-200 ECU Programmer, connected to one computer, can OBD read ISN for MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 N2055 B38 B48 easily.

BMW AT-200 programming software Free download : 100% tested!rQpWXYKT!M1MZOPoqmBu4iCQl2AKVw1TferCBrusrDPHbhR2eZ-E

Version: 05.04.2019

Password: Not required

Security: Tested 100% with AT-200 programmer

How to read MSV90 MSD85 MSD87 with AT-200?

Step 1: install and run AT-200 programming software

Step 2: connect the AT-200 with the DME and the laptop

Step 3: select the model

Step 4: read the wiring and check if the connection is correct or not

Step 5: AT-200 identifies the DME and then reads out the ISN

Step 6: AT-200 is verified to works good!

AT200 and MSD85

AT200 and MSD87

AT200 and MSV90

How to change AT200 programmer language:

AT-200 programmer in Chinese

Set up a language in AT-200 programmer

AT-200 programmer in English

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