How to use Serial suite Piasini Engineering V4.3

There is no related document or video guide on piasini engineering v4.3 master version installation, so how to install the software and use the ecu tuning kit?

Serial Suite Piasini engineering is a device that allows reading and writing memory MCU contained in the ECU of engine and transmission, Suite Serial read always the complete content of the file of the ECU to be able to easily return to the stock setting.

Old version piasini engineering v4.1 master master requires to provide the HW (hardware) ID to the dealer and activate the software with license key, but the V4.3 does not.

installation guide of V4.3 Serial Suite Piasini Engineering software :
Step 1: Insert CD software into the computer/laptop
Step 2: Copy “Suite Piasini 4.3” folder and paste it to the desktop
Step 3: Open “Suite Piasini 4.3” the folder on desktop
Step 4: Run HWIDGen.exe, click to Copy the ID, and use the Piasini key
-gen we send you to get the activation code for the ID.
Step 5: After use the Piasini key-gen to get activation code, paste in
Piasini-SW folder. Suite Piasini 4.3 software is fully activated.
Step 6: Connect the Suite Piasini device with computer via USB port
Step 7: The software is ready to use

Software display:

serial-suite-piasini-engineering-v4.3-display-01 serial-suite-piasini-engineering-v4.3-display-02 serial-suite-piasini-engineering-v4.3-display-03

Serial suite Piasini Engineering V4.3 Master Version Features:
Firmware version: V4.3
Language: English
Operating system: Win XP only
JTAG – BDM – K-line – L-line – RS232 – CAN-Bus
Read/Write Programmer
Checksum Correction Incorporated for Mitsubishi/Denso/Hitachi
Server On-line Updates and Security Survey
New ECU Implementation Free of Charge

V4.3 piasini contains all features of V4.1, but if you need piasini serial suite v4.1 keygen, here is free link:

Serial suite Piasini Engineering ECU programmer wire diagrams:

Piasini Engineering ECU programmer wire diagrams-1 Piasini Engineering ECU programmer wire diagrams-2

Piasini Engineering V4.3 Car& Motorbike list:
Serial suite Piasini Engineering V4.3 Master Car List:

Serial suite Piasini Engineering V4.3 Master Motorcycles List:
Toolbox Serial
Toolbox C16x

Customer review:

Piasini serial suite 4.3 actually it supports not only some bosch denso in Toyota but also petrol denso for Subaru etc are supported.

Q: When I trying to read next RX-8 via OBD my piasini interface, the software displays an error reading “License on system corrupted, go in recovery mode.”
A: You can just re-install software and disable internet connection, everything will be fine.

V4.3 Piasini engineering user manaul:

V4.3 Piasini engineering Serial Suite master is a latest auto ecu Chip Tuning tool, china clone v4.3
engineering master serial suite support more vehicle models more than old Piasini serial suite

V4.1, Piasini V4.3 with usb dongle can be used directly, no need to activate, Here, share the user manual of Serial Suite Piasini Engineering V4.3 MASTER
Clone Serial Suite Piasini Engineering V4.3 MASTER

Version: V4.3
NOTE: Suite Piasini engineering V4.3 is the master version. Slave version data is locked. You need
to unlock the data first and Master version needs to activate. Slave version can only read a part of
chip by encrypt file. This dump is only for tuning file and you have to send dump to professional
company for tuning file. Master Version 4.3 can read all dump of chip by bin file and you can
write or edit dump yourself.

This is from obd tool website Auto ECU Programmer technical support: How to use Serial suite Piasini Engineering V4.3

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