Kess V2 ECU Chip Tuning Tool for Mercedes Benz

I have the iCarsoft i980 to read/delete codes. But I can’t do much more than that, and in my opinion it’s very buggy, and I’m having problems updating the unit. So I start searching some free/cheap software for Mercedes C200. I would only need the USB-OBD II cable… To play around with settings etc.. Like delete canbus bulb-check for certain lights, program cars behavior and so on.. (if possible).

So I post this to anyone who knows what tools/software that are required to tune the ECU/ chip software.
I also find some knock off star systems on the interwebs between $350-1000 with quality ranging from crap to very good. Yes, the most professional Star diagnosis MB SD C4 with wifi may be the best one among Mercedes STAR diagnosticsWhen I search for it, I find out a professional web of vehicle diagnosis— It is full of a variety of diagnostic and other tools for all kinds of vehicles, such as BMW ICOM A2, Key Pro M8 key programmer,etc.
Then I get Mercedes tuning software go for Kess v2, of which is recommend by bros from forums. (Kess v2, FgTech v54 are two of the most popular tuning software in the market. After asking the customer service of obdtoolshop, I decide to buy KESS V2).
Package & purchase:
199 with 5-day delivery, well packed including the main part Kess V2 chip tuning together with some cables, work well so far



kess v2 obd2 ecu chip tuning is very good at checking the battery voltage in real-time, full recovery function in case of problems & scan tool function to remove DTC, automatic correction of the Checksum (where available), boot-loader mode supported, management of the programming counters. Also, you can have several options of reading/writing speed and option to write full file/section of the map. And kess v2 obd2 is the full integration with ECM Titanium,which means it can work with ECM Titanium perfectly.
Ps. software display:


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