KESS V2 Read and Write Delphi ECU MB Sprinter

Here share a real customer test report about using Kess V2 Ksuite 2.23 fw V5.017 to read and write ECU data on a 2009 Mercedes- Benz Sprinter via OBD.

Car info:

Mercedes- Benz Sprinter 2009 (ECU: DELPHI DCM3.5)

Device used:

Kess V2 clone, SW Ksuite V2.23, FW V5.017 (EU version)

Main operation guide:

Connect KESS V2 programmer to the vehicle via the main OBD cable, and connect to computer via USB cable

Select the corresponding car model and click “OK” to continue

Select “CAN”> “ID”

Step 1: Read file from ECU within 2 min

The original data is read out successfully, and then save the related file to computer.

Switch off the dash- board to continue

ECU reading is completed.

Disable DPF and write to ECU checksum correction performed by KESS software.

Step 2: DPF off file writing

Switch off the dash- board to continue

Switch on the dash- board to continue, check the connections and press “OK” to continue

Switch off the dash- board to continue

ECU writing is completed.

Finally, start the car normally.

Learn more: Free Download Ksuite 2.70 for Kess V2 / Ktag

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