Ktag Master V7.020 adds new encrypted cars & over 100 ECUs

To all ECU tunners and Ktag Master users:

Ktag Master V7.003 update to Ktag Master V7.020!


Ktag Master V7.020 Works:

  • Many encrypted new car models works I.E Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276ECU, Toyota 76F, etc.
  • 100+ ECU types works (The list is gathering, please wait)


How to: KTAG master V7.003 update to V7.020?

Send back the full set of KTM100 fw V7.003, the update cost 140USD, no include the shipping cost.


Ktag Master Hardware & Software Version:

Hardware version: V7.020

Software version: V2.23

– XP works, WIN7 8 10 need luck

– ksuite v2.33 installation video(Ksuit 2.33 video, but applies for ksuite v2.33):


Ktag Master V7.020 Multilanguage: English, Italian, Portuguese


Ktag Master V7.020 Pro:

No tokens limit.

How to reset the tokens?

When the tokens use up, insert the USB into the computer and the red indicator flashes, then press the Reset button, wait until the indicator flashes off, unplug the USB cable and again insert the USB cable to the computer, now you have 30 tokens.

ktm100-ktag-reset token

How to use Ktag Master V7.020?

Tip 1: During operation, disable the internet connection; otherwise the software may get damaged.


Tip 2: Why Ktag master V7.020 diagram displays in words not pictures?

Answer: There are some words in different colors, click it you will see the diagram in pictures. (Look at the following picture, click the blue “Here” you can see the connection instructions)

Ktag Master V7.020 diagram-01

Ktag Master V7.020 diagram-02

2017 ktag master V7.020 outlook:






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