Instruction for Update K-TAG ECU Programming Tool Master

Ktag K-tag Ksuite V2.13 ECU Programming Tool Master version with multi-language and firmware V6.070 is the newest programming tool with wide ECU coverage of almost bike, car, truck, boat, Tractor (KTAG Car and Truck list download). It supports BDM function and BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx protocols. The new KTAG adds BMW Gasoline F Chassis and Mercedes Benz W222, and is without Tokens limitation, no need J-link Program tool, which is more friendly to be used. Otherwise, if you buy Ktag K-tag master, you can get free ECM TITANIUM V1.61 software.

Here is the instruction for how to update K-tag master V2.13 firmware V6.070.
During a download/update:
DO NOT unplug the USB cable.
DO NOT turn off your computer.
How to Update the K-Suite software and K-TAG V2.13 Firmware V6.070
If your computer is connected to the Internet, when launched the K-Suite software automatically searches for available software updates. To update the K-Suite software and download any new protocols published
1. Connect the K-TAG to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
2. Start the K-Suite software and do not press SKIP on the loading screen of the software.
   1). Follow any onscreen instructions.
   2). Wait until the update is complete.
K-Suite software updates include:
K-Suite software updates, available for free for any owner of K-TAG.
Updates to the protocols enabled at the time of purchase of the tool, available for free even after expiration of your subscription.
New protocols developed and distributed by Alientech Srl, available only for users with an active subscription.
How to Update Operating Manuals
It is important to periodically check if new Operating Manuals have been released and / or updated. To check the availability of new Operating Manuals and download them:
1. Connect K-TAG to your computer by using the supplied USB cable.
2. Launch the K-Suite software.
3. Click on the Help button in the main window of the K-Suite software.
4. Click on Check.
5. .
If the green check mark is displayed it means that the manuals are updated; if there is no green check mark, click on Download to download the latest manuals.
Always check the availability of new Operating Manuals and possibly download them after an update of the K-Suite software.
Newest Ktag KTM100 V2.13 FW V7.003 KTAG ECU Programming Tool Free Download:


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