MPPS V13 /V16 KESS V2 works on TABLET with Windows 7 8 10

I would like to share with everyone that MPPS V13 and MPPS V16 ECU tunning tool works on Tablets. I have successfully read and flashed ecus using my tablet with windows 10 in windows xp compatibility mode. Saves me carrying a laptop with me and I feel safe to use my tablet off the battery while flashing. Something I would never do with a laptop. You need a micro to full size usb adapter for your interface.

Its a shame though that I couldn’t get Winols to run on windows 10. Otherwise I could always make a quick map twik on the spot. But downgrading a tablet to windows 7 would most likely enable it.

Also l use kess V2 on my tablet without a problem, battery life is hours , but kess is abit different as it sends file to kess unit and unit sends file to ecu so its very safe , for me win10 runs 99% of stuff l put on it and even stuff win7 will not run.


ONDA 9.7 is an ace tablet too , android works great too aswell as windows


Where to get kess?

Kess V2 V2.15 V4.036 master (Item No SE87-C), €105 + shipping cost, it is proved worth the money.


Kess V2 V2.15 V4.036 master (Item No.SE87-D), €225 + shipping cost, best quality with higher price:


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