MPPS V18 Windows 7 Reviews

I have a MPPS v18 Chinese cheap clone and it works fine.

It works with Windows 7


I have seen some talk about MPPS pcb (different colours) and tried to find out whats the different between eu or china tool.

Personally, the color of the pcb plays no role at all. A red car is also not necessarily faster than a black car. The color of the board could also be an advertising gag, so vendors can sell things just at another price. The colour of the board makes no direct difference, that’s missing the point. It simply points out that it is that type of euro clone, kinda like a trade mark

I’m using it to save Kess tokens.

So far…. its worked on everything l have tested on.

edc16 obd ‘renaults’ tricore pcr2.1 ok

edc17c10 ok

boot volvo edc17cp22 ok
marelli 6o2 multi k-line ok

and some others. ok

I did all cars no problem. It can even write full flash to EDC1616 Opel

It’s reading my alfa romeo EDC16C39

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