Possible to Read /Write BMW F10 530d 245 HP 2010 with FoxFlash via OBD?

One customer asks if FoxFlash can read/write BMW F10 530d 245 HP 2010 with EDC17CP09, TC1766/TC1796 in OBD mode. Because this ECU is not listed in the ECU List just EDC17CP45, and he is thinking of buying the foxflash tool. He does a lot of this kind of ECUs and wants to know if this tool can do that.


The suggestion of eobdtool.co.uk engineer is:

EDC17CP09 TC1796 BMW wiring diagram is below. It’s recommended to use BENCH TRICORE driver.

foxflash obd read write bmw f10 530d 245 hp 2010

OBD VR read/write is available if file is on server.

But you’d better ALWAYS HAVE BENCH BACKUP. Even if VR file is on server it might happen one day that VR file is wrong and you got yourself in a bad spot.


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