(Solved) Ktag Error: The tool is not powered correctly: Control power supply

My Ksuite 2.23 and 2.25 on Ktag clone showing me following error.
“The tool is not powered correctly : Control power supply”
I tried stock 12v 1A power supply as well as new 12v 5A and other 15v 1.5A supply. same error on it.
Red LED is ON  though.

Tips and guides:

ori tools gives similar message now

and have to use k-suite v3x

or you should have decent k-suite v2 to work with

k-suite v3.37 download: (try on your own risk)


k-suite v2.25 download: (tested successfully by pros)


Ksuite 2.25 is working with Kess v2 5.017

Ksuite 2.25 is working with Ktag 7.020

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