Chinese Fgtech Galletto V54: Why cannot start & How to start

Chinese FGtech galletto v54 software runs into his own virtualized environment, that is why is so machine resources hungry app, maybe your processor is not “compatible” with the virtualmachine generated for that executable. And that is why many people have problems and hungs running galletto sw on their laptops and working good on other machines.

If your Fgtech 4 hardware does not support just one of the instructions used on the virtual machine then no matter what os you use or how many times you install it, simply will not work.

Another common problem is drivers mixture with other ft232 based devices you may have installed, Chinese fgtech only runs on their own drivers.

Here are tips of “Galletto V54 cannot start to run after installation”…. hope it helps.


do a fresh install of windows XP


remove the old fgtech from system totally

That is, you need to remove all previous installs system files of fg


check your fgtech drive, check if all is well, there’s driver for 32bit and 64bit. (if you uninstall all previous versions). Use the USB fix that comes on the cd.
If Fgtech v54 not open in OBD2, re-install again without deinstalar the v54. and try to open the Obd2 again. 


check ftd2xx.dll file. If this file was read only and you have to change this unmarking read only in location – widows/system32/ftd2xx.dll.

Now is working !!!!!!!!

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