Kess galletto mpps read corsa c 2006 1.2 80hp ME 7.6.2

Have a corsa c 2006 1.2 80hp ME 7.6.2 to read with kess galletto and mpps, I need to explain step by step how to read this ecu… the power supply are 12.8v 1 A.

Before it is working, I connect the wire like this:

-2 red wire on the +12V pin 18 and 51
-1 black wire from gnd pind 5
– from pin 43 i put the orange wire can L
-from pin 11 i put yellow wire l line .

How to read it correctly?

Try option 1: Use K-line


Test result:

Start data reading…ERROR data1

don t work

Try option 2:

It works (ME7.6.2) in the Can line, must have the 832K ori bin file or fix it with mpps18 or the beautiful tool works in K-line_ IOterminal. Repeat Bosch ME7.6.2 works in line can and reads in normal mode in line can. I assume that my ecu is Eeprom in masonry and the line does not work. Anywhere, if your ecu works and you do not read in line can with galletto 100X100 galletto does not work in line can the instrument’s mcu is walled up, you have to buy a new mcu and re_firmware the Galletto mcu.

See inside

Picture Correct:

Try option 3:

This Corsa (Z12XE) is an ME1.5.5 ECU not ME7.6.2!
It uses K-Line not CAN!

To boot this ECU up on the bench connect:
12v to pins 17, 18, 33, 49
Ignition to pin 51
K-Line to pin 2
GND is the casing itself

512Kb file




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