Use Foxflash or Kess V3 to Clone MINI/BMW EDC17C50 Engine ECU

Question: Which tool can read and write Mini/BMW EDC17C50 Engine ECU on bench? Here is the suggestion from engineer. Both foxflash ECU programmer and ALIENTECH Kess3 can do that. Two tools are able to read/write ECU/TCU via OBD, OBDvr, bench and boot mode. The difference between t Continue Reading →

Comparison of Alientech 3 ECM TITANIUM Versions: Full Version, full Promo Version and Credit Version

how to choose alientech ecm titanium sofwtare

Alientech launched 3 versions of ECM TITANIUM software for Kess V3: full version, full promo version (full promotion version) and credit version. What’s the difference? How to choose? Check more details in this post. What is ECM TITANIUM software? This mapping software is made by ALIENTECH that Continue Reading →