What’s the difference between KTM100 and KTAG ECU programming tool?

Commonly there are two ways to tell the difference between KTM100 and KTAG ECU programming tool. The first one is the basic info claimed by the supplier; the second is the real users’ feedback.

The first way: here a comparison table made by supplier which makes a difference between KTM100 and KTAG ECU programming tool.

KTM100 FW: 7.003 covers more protocol & cars and runs more stable when programming.

Product KTM100 Ktag
MUX look
Firmware ver. V7.003 V6.070
Software Ver. KTM100 V2.13

(New KTM100 software much

better than ordinary Ksuite software)

Ksuite V2.13


O/S Window xp/win 7 32 bit (Tested ok).

win8 not tested yet

Windows xp
Language English/ Italian/ Portuguese,

other language is accessible to customize.

English/ Italian/ German/ French/

Portuguese/ Spanish

Software Update  When the newest version is tested ok,

it will be public on the site.

Makes sure not connect internet

connection and close anti-virus software

USB connection and load software

according to the screen instruction.

Makes sure not connect internet

connection and close anti-virus


Recognize ECU KTM100 will recognize the ECU

detailed type via ID automatically.

Ksuite will recognize the ECU

after you select car

models manually.

Function ECU Programming ECU Programming
Communication  J-Tag, Motorola BDM/Nexus and

Bootloader Mitsubishi/

Infineon Tricore/ST communication

Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application

(tricore and ST10)


Protocols open ALL protocols open 95% protocols
Tokens one button click for unlimited tokens Use a file to add tokens
New models BMW F chassis petrol;

Mercedes-Benz W222

Vehicle ECU http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/upload/pro/

ktm100-ktag-2015-car-truck-full-list-cardiagtool.co.uk.xlsx  (KTM 2.13 adds more ECUs than other ordinary Ksuite)




The second way: real users real working test reports.

  1. Have China ktm100 with firmware v7.003, made edc17cp64 without problem.

ktm100 was made with this in mind, not ktag as its older software, just ordered a V54 Galletto as these seem have older software but more options

  1. Infineon Tircore: KTM100 cover more Infineon Tircore compared with other version of ktag.

KTM100 fw v7.003 covers VAG Bosch EDC17U01 TC1766 via Tricore

  1. I made for my friend remap of skoda octavia 3 rs tdi. he bought china ktm100, he send me dump, i made remap without doi decalibration and lambda for 1100 after 1000mg of air. car is runing and starting without problem.
  1. China Ktag / Trasdata support some diesel F-series (not all versions).
  1. Do opel edc17c59
  1. edc17c64 with china no reworked ktm100 done. check photos.
  2. ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-01 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-2 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-03 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-04 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-06 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-07
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