Which ECU Programmer to read and write Siemens PCR2.1

Have purpose to read / write Siemens PCR2.1, Kess v2 or Ktag master with Ksuite software is tested the most stable than other ECU programmers.

  1. Kess V2: Confirmed

Kess V2 2.70 CAN read & write greatly PCR2.1 on the benchmark after unlock, not ktag or you can read through OBD with Kess. It will show you whether it is locked or unlocked… resistors boot only for unlock eeprom.

Test report: A couple of months ago, i had try to unlock a prc2.1 in bench with ktag, it reads fine the eeprom but it couldn’t write it….then i used the kess, with kess could read unlock and write back the eeprom, and after i make DPF & EGR off by obd….. no problem….for curiosity, i tryed to unlock the original eeprom with program for pcr unlock, after i compare the two modified eeproms (from kess and from program) and is was identical….

Here is a user’s question:

I try more times with KESS v2 clone, i get an error with KESS when i select READING EEPROM and after display “start communication”.
The wires are OK and voltage is OK (an adapter +12V/3A), KESS works fine.

Look at the connection:

Here is the suggestion to follow:

then desolder eeprom and read it with programmer, you can find in forum the tool to unlock the prc2.1 eeprom, but beware, dont play with lock-unlock with this ecu, if you put again in car, can you get ID with kess? it is eeprom locked?

kess(clone) should unlock eeprom fine, follow the kess instruction… with kess no problem….

  1. Ktag: Yes

I use Ktag and transdata and work greatly, please ensure you only unlock once ie don’t play around with it.

Kess V2 can write PCR2.1 with VR-file without needing patch first with KTag.

And KTag now also has the ability to extract the password and then do full read and write thru bootmode. Such a read can then be used by Alientech in their database for vr-files.

About PCR2.1 full flash with KTag, you need Pinout cable SSM 144300T111 (INFINEON TRICORE ECU PCR2.1 CABLE)

This is a SSM cable


Already DONE

Need original ktag or HQ cloned ktag, open ecu and prepare Eeprom for cloning ECU.


This is the reliable source of Kess and Ktag master:


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