Automotive Programming Dedicated Power for AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW supply new  AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW Automotive Programming Dedicated Power special for your ECU safety. You may have a question, why choose   Automotive Programming Dedicated Power for AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW?

Automotive ECU Programming

The car ECU is so easily to be damaged once the battery voltage is unstable lower or higher than standard values while you doing the ECU programming of your vehicle. AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW Automotive Programming Dedicated Power can be used to protect your ECU safety.

Programming Dedicated Power Functions:

1. Smart Car Program
2. High temperature alarm.
3. Charging dedicated power
4. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
5. Intelligent charger for motor vehicles starter battery
6. Extensive protection functions and self-protection functions
7. Intelligent charger for motor vehicles starter battery
8. Input voltage 110V to 240V, Output Voltage 14V/100A. (The input voltage of 11V needs to be customized)
Applicable models: 
Volvo, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors Etc.
If  you looking for a Car battery voltage stabilizer regulator, which is Automotive Power Processor Automatic Voltage Regulator delivers cost-effective and high quality power protection for many applications, pls do not hesitate to contact us.
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