Kess V2 5.017 SD Card Image Download

I rebuilt and generated a SD card image for the RED Kess V2 5.017.
This image can fit in small SD cards.

This image is generated specially for the RED Kess CID number.
So you must write it in the original SD card with good CID number.
(Some Green Kess have same CID)

It’s preferable to replace the contents of the entire SD card with 0s before writing the image.
(ImageUSB includes functionality to Zero a USB Flash Drive).

WARNING: it’s just a test, but work for some.
Make a backup of your SD card before, even if it is corrupted. Sometimes it can help.
I can generate for other CID.
Try and report.

Free download Kess 5.017 SD card image:!PkVjlA6K

Decryption Key:


Credits to kitnoos2002 from

Security: Unknown

For sake of security, go to

Ktag 5.017 software download:

Tested 100%, use with relief

kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-10 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-1 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-2 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-3 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-4 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-5 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-6 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-7 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-8 kess-v2-v5017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-software-display-9