KT200/KTM200 Review: Most Surprising Chip Tuning Tool in 2022

KT200/KTM200 ECU Programmer supports OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG and multiple protocols for Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Continental, Denso, Delco, Temic or Siemens covering up to 5400 ECU, over 500 TCU, i.e Volvo MPS6, VAG DQ400e/SQ100, Jeep 9H28 TCUs. With the ECUHelp 3.0 software, customers also can get free VR files and Damos files online. Many customers are very satisfied with this new chip tuning tool. Here have collected some reviews for reference.


Review 1:

It is the most surprising chip tuning tool in 2022. KT200 satisfies all my needs for ECU, and when I open the software, I am shocked that there are really many models covered in it, so I recommend it!

kt200 ktm200 review 1


Review 2:

My friend claims that the KT200 meets all his ECU needs, whether it’s ECU remapping, ECU done, or even lifting the ECU speed limit, and I’m glad I bought him this gift because it was a lot of money for me, but it was worth it!


Review 3:

The KT200 ecu programmer must be connected to a computer to open its software, which is perhaps the only drawback I‘ve found with it so far. When you open the package of KT200, the case and truck OBD connection cable, and pinout connection cable might make you feel excited. But what’s really amazing is that not only does the KT200 show the ECU connection status in real time, when you select a different ECU, the software will show you what writing is used to connect it, and the perfect thing is that when you click in, there are details of how the different ECUs are wired, THAT’S AMAZING!

kt200 ktm200 review 2


Review 4:

I tested BMW MG1CS201 with KT200, it works fine. The speed of reading data is also satisfactory.

kt200 ktm200 review 3


Review 5:

I tested the BMW by boot. It worked fine. Saved a lot of time for my work.

kt200 ktm200 review 4


Review 6:

I test my Audi SQ8 with the KT200 chip tuning tool and it worked perfectly. This KT200 supports VR and also gives you the ECUHelp software, it’s hard not to like it.


Review 7:

I test audi edc16cp34 with KT200 and it was successful. It’s just that the process of opening the KT200 software is a bit long, but the new version of the software has solved this problem! The models covered by the ECU List are really comprehensive and can help me complete my work efficiently. KT200 also patiently helped me solve my problems. Thanks!


Review 8:

Using KT200 for Audi and VW TCU, ECU clone in bench mode has saved me a lot of time and risk, and I don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of opening the cover for the ecu. I would call it the most anticipated chip tuning of 2022 I recommend it!

kt200 ktm200 review 5


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