Foxflash New Update: Add Delco Bosch Siemens Phoenix ECUs and New Clone Function for MEDC17

foxflash update bosch siemens phoenix medc17 ecus 1

Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool updated Delco Bosch Siemens Phoenix Tuning and new clone function on November 15, 2023.   After several weeks of extensive BETA testing for ECU and TCU, we are excited to announce the addition of a solution for this variant. foxFlash is now able to perform the Continue Reading →

How to Read/Write Delphi ECU DCM3.5 (CRD2.2) by Boot Mode with CG FC200 Programmer?

how to read write delphi ecu dcm3.5 1

A 2012 Jeep Compass 2.2 diesel ECU with DCM 3.5. Actually it’s from Mercedes company 2.2 diesel, similar with CRD2. It’s 136 horsepower. It can’t be read via OBD or on bench, but it can be read/write with V1.1.6.0 CG FC200 ECU Programmer in boot mode. Connect FC200 to a PC and run software Se Continue Reading →

How to Read Ford/JLR SID208 ECU Data with GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD and SM2?

godiag ecu adapter and sm2 pro read ford jlr sid208 1

How to read Ford/JLR SID208 ECU easily? It’s good to use GODIAG ECU GPT Boot Adapter, SM2 Pro J2534 device, Godiag GT100+ OBDII Breakout Box, and PCMTuner Dongle with pcmflash software together.   The main function of Godiag GT100+ here is to check communication. Step 1: Read Password (via Continue Reading →

How to Diagnose Hyundai/KIA M7.9.8 ECU with Autel MK808Z-BT and Godiag GT100+?

autel mk808z bt diagnose m7.9.8 ecu with godiag gt100 1

GODIAG GT100+ OBDII Breakout Box works well with Autel MK808Z-BT diagnostic scanner to diagnose ECUs on bench no issues. It can check whether the diagnostic tool can send communication signals, tell if the car/ECU module, and cable communication is good or not, directly display the Voltage and Cu Continue Reading →

Diagnose Audi/VW Simos 6.3/ Simos 18.3 ECU with Autel MK808Z-BT and Godiag GT100+

autel mk808z bt diagnose audi simos 6.3 1

How to use Autel MK808Z-BT to diagnose Audi/VW Simos 6.3/ Simos 18.3 ECU with Godiag GT100+ OBDII Breakout Box on bench? It’s easy and safe to operate. Check the detailed guide below.   Autel MK808Z-BT with Godiag GT100+ Diagnose Audi Simos 6.3: 1.Device connection Remove the MaxiVCI Mini fr Continue Reading →

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